Friends of Ferals began as a grass roots effort to assist Willow Springs with the problems arising from the at-large cat community. 

A simple question on a community Facebook page asking for resources to help curb the feline population growth led to a group of women discussing the issue and ultimately forming what would become Friends of Ferals. 

At the time, there were no active TNR organizations or quality low cost clinics, only one licensed shelter and zero licensed rescues within 100 miles.

What started out as a discussion about what could be done, in September 2022, turned into a legally recognized non-profit organization within a few short months.


Promote the health and wellness of our community and its cats by the reduction of at large cat populations through TNR (Trap Neuter Return), public education in responsibility and assistance with obtaining low cost spay, neuter and vaccination services.

  1. To promote positive and healthy community accountability for cat population care and management, such as:
    1. Trap Neuter Release
    2. Housing
    3. Vaccination
    4. Feeding
    5. Foster and Adoption through licensed rescue
    6. Low cost spay and neuter transportation assistance
    7. Public education
  2. To collaborate with local and county governments to promote community awareness and education of feline welfare.
  3. To create initiatives, impact city/county ordinances and/or code to encourage responsible pet ownership.
  4. To create a viable Volunteer Outreach and Training program.
  5. To educate and promote the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals.